Thursday, June 24, 2021

Letter: Vote for Robert Jones

| October 22, 2020 1:00 AM

I will be voting for Rob Jones and you should too. Rob is well qualified and is excited about doing the work required to make our county government more effective, efficient and representative of the people it serves. He will bring enthusiasm, energy and a business perspective to a position that is in desperate need of these things.

Our current commissioner seems to have a difficult time showing up for all the meetings he is supposed to attend. Unlike many elected positions in this county, the commissioners are paid a salary. I personally feel that if you are elected and paid to perform a job you should at least show up. Rob has not been elected yet and he is already doing a great job of attending meetings and events in the community to better understand what he can do to help improve things. He will be our full-time representative.

Our current commissioner once told me that he “has never found the private sector to be as efficient as the public sector.” It is understandable how someone might feel that way if they have never started or run a business. You gain a new respect for the private sector when you have to make a regular payroll with business revenue and not tax dollars.. Rob has started his own business, employs many people and knows what it takes to make it work.

I am excited to vote for Rob and I hope you do too.

Elliott Goodrich

Moses Lake