Thursday, June 24, 2021

Letter: Support Earl Romig for county commissioner

| October 22, 2020 1:00 AM

Earl Romig is well suited to represent us as Grant County commissioner. I have known Earl for over 30 years and will tell you that Earl loves Grant County and our way of life. Earl is extremely dedicated to preserving these treasures for future generations.

Earl and I worked together as volunteer firefighters with the Ephrata Fire Department. Earl has always given much more than he has taken; his volunteer emergency services tenure more than proves that. As a sheriff’s deputy Earl was entrusted to enforce the law and keep the peace. During his time as a deputy we often worked together on emergency situations involving law enforcement and fire department.

Earl is very entrepreneurial and enterprising. He has several successful business ventures that I have seen him excel at. The common denominator in his success is his determination to work smart, efficient and effective. Smart, efficient and effective is something we all want in our government, from federal, state, county and local levels. We want our elected officials to be thoughtful of the decisions they make, be conservative with our tax dollars and stretch the tax dollars as far as possible. This grass roots approach is what helps business owners stay in business and be profitable. Earl will do all of this when he is our elected Grant County commissioner.

Earl has spent hours upon hours going door to door meeting, talking and listening to people. Earl listens and will take the time to hear the issues as your county commissioner.

Earl has integrity, compassion, motivation, desire, experience and skills to represent us as the next Grant County commissioner. Please join me in supporting Earl for Grant County commissioner, District 1.

Shane Heston