Thursday, June 24, 2021

Letter: Judge Knodell is courteous, helpful to courthouse staff

| October 22, 2020 1:00 AM

I do not personally know Grant County Superior Court incumbent candidate Judge John Knodell. I may never see a trial before Judge Knodell given the nature of my legal caseload as a Grant County-area lawyer. I would like to point out that Judge Knodell commendably comes alongside the Superior Court Clerk’s office staff to help reduce wait times at the clerk’s customer service windows.

I wait in queue like everyone else at the Superior Court Clerk’s office. When called forward to a service window, I ask the Clerk’s support person to search the court’s chambers for an available judge to review and sign my papers in those matters when such is required.

I appreciate that when Judge Knodell notices a lawyer in the vicinity of the Superior Court Clerk’s office, the judge often approaches and asks, “Can I do anything for you, Counsel?”

Thanks to Judge Knodell’s proactive approach, the Superior Court Clerk’s office staff spend a little less time looking for judges to sign lawyers’ papers and a little more time helping the public with Clerk’s Office business.

Judge Knodell’s courtesies in this regard contribute to the minimization of queues at the Superior Court Clerk’s office service windows. Shorter Clerk’s Office queues decrease the risk of coronavirus transmission within the county courthouse. Thank you kindly, Judge Knodell.

James H. MaGee

Moses Lake