State patrol bomb technician sent out to dig site near the Gorge

Staff Writer | October 15, 2020 1:00 AM

MOSES LAKE — A bomb technician with the Washington State Patrol was called out to a dig site near the Cave B Winery near the Gorge on Wednesday afternoon after reports that a utility crew unearthed old blasting caps at a dig site.

There is no risk to the public, the device is a good distance from the winery facility, and it’s not clear that the blasting caps are even still explosive, according to law enforcement officials. Blasting caps are primary explosive devices that are used to detonate a larger, secondary explosive, analogous to the primer of a bullet, explained Trooper John Bryant.

A crew with the state patrol will be at the scene to dispose of the explosive, which could take some time, Bryant added.

“They treat every bomb scene as a really bad one until it’s proven otherwise,” Bryant said.