Sunday, January 17, 2021

Letter: Politics

| October 15, 2020 1:00 AM

President Trump has selected Judge Barrett to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. She is being questioned by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her qualifications. She is highly qualified and will be approved by the Senate, but only because the Republicans have a majority. The Democrats will vote against her. Why?

They are fearful that the Supreme Court’s position on abortion, homosexual marriage and socialism will change. The Constitution protects freedom of religion. It is one of a few fundamental rights. Yet she is questioned specifically concerning her beliefs. The Democrats are fearful that she considers abortion, homosexual marriage and socialism to be serious sins.

What is your position? It is alarming that that our vote has become a moral question.

Does the Constitution protect the right to own property? Can the government take the property of those who have too much? Can the property be taken if the intent is to take care of the poor? Socialism presents an interesting quandary. It is, indeed, a moral responsibility to take care of the poor. But it is a Constitutional right to own property. It is the government’s responsibility to protect that right, not to violate the very right it is commissioned to protect. The moral responsibility to take care of the poor is an individual responsibility; it is not the responsibility of the government. The promise to seize property to take care of the poor also violates the prohibition against buying votes.

Ken Jorgensen

Moses Lake