Thursday, January 21, 2021

Letter: Our future depends on this election

| October 8, 2020 1:00 AM

To the American people: first, register and vote and let’s look at all the facts since Trump has been in office. What has happened? Racism, police brutality, his involvement with David Duke of the KKK, Russian involvement in the election in order for Trump to win, his taxes, his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. And do we wish to forget about all the immigrant children held in concentration camps? What about those immigrant children who were killed and raped? Where are they now? Have they been reunited with their parents who were deported?

Now the fact that he knew about COVID-19 since 2019. He had the authority to put a stop to this deadly virus coming to the United States. How many lives have been lost? Who pays these families or children who have lost a loved one through no fault of theirs? Don’t be blinded by the stimulus check. That doesn’t cover funeral costs or the grief of a loved one.

Trump pushes to put a stop to the coronavirus package until after the election. If those in Congress can’t vote for a solution then why does one vote them into office? Let’s get the ball rolling on this. This isn’t follow the leader or Simon says or do what President Trump says. Sooner or later he’ll have to agree with Congress.

We the people make America great. All lives matter, no matter their race or ethnicity. Our children’s and grandchildren’s future depends on this election.

Linda Toscano