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MLSD considers adding student rep to school board

Staff Writer | November 23, 2020 1:00 AM

MOSES LAKE — The Moses Lake School Board is considering adding a student representative to its number.

“Most school districts have student reps on the school board,” said Board President Vickey Melcher during an online meeting on Thursday. “I would like to add one to our board, sooner rather than later.”

Melcher said she got the idea during a recent meeting of school board members from across the state.

Superintendent Josh Meek — who has just finished two weeks of isolation with his family after they all tested positive for COVID-19 — said a student representative could bring some interesting observation and ideas to the board.

However, he also said the board needs to create a defined role and have concrete expectations of a student representative, since the last time the board had a student member, the process “fell apart.”

“We have students in our community who would be very interested,” Meek said. “But reporting on what’s happening at Moses Lake High School is probably not the best use of their time.”

Board Member Elliott Goodrich was not sure that having a student member of the board was the best idea.

“I’ve heard a lot of negative things, so I’m hesitant to support this idea,” Goodrich said. “But I’m willing to listen, and I’m open to being convinced.”

“We’ll convince you,” Melcher replied.

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