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AP Lifestyles Digest

| November 23, 2020 7:09 AM

Here is the AP Lifestyles digest for the week of Nov. 23.

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Virus Outbreak-The Self-Care Surge: The pandemic is encouraging a new approach to self-care, one that isn’t about buying a signature outfit, wearing a trendy shade of lipstick or getting the perfect haircut. It has put the purpose and meaning of life front and center, restacking priorities and needs. It is no longer hypothetical to worry about longevity or flirt with fears of mortality. UPCOMING Tuesday: 1,100 words and photos. By Anne D’Innocenzio and Sophie Rosenbaum.

Virus Outbreak-Music Lessons: These aren’t the music lessons of your childhood. For many people, online lessons and Zoom jam sessions are offering purpose and connection during the pandemic. Experts say there’s a long tradition of turning to music during bleak times. By Tracee M. Herbaugh. UPCOMING Monday, 800 words, photos.


Virus Outbreak-Trouble Hearing: Hearing specialists across the U.S. are seeing an uptick in visits from people who only realized they had a hearing problem when lip reading and watching facial expressions were no longer possible now that people are wearing masks because of the coronavirus pandemic. By Jamie Stengle. UPCOMING Tuesday, 540 words, photos.

MED-Virus-Outbreak-Thanksgiving-Rookies: Food experts say Americans nervous about making their first Thanksgiving meals can follow a few basic tips to avoid disaster. By Candice Choi. SENT Sunday, photos.


Virus Outbreak-Holiday Travel: Turkey may still be on the menu this Thanksgiving. But for millions of Americans, travel is not. Rising U.S. coronavirus cases, a new round of state lockdowns and public health guidance discouraging trips are dampening enthusiasm for what is usually the biggest travel period of the year. UPCOMING Monday.

Aspen in the Pandemic: Precautions help Aspen remain a destination during pandemic. By John Marshall. UPCOMING Wednesday. 760 words, photos.

Virus-Outbreak-NYC-Gift-Shops: In souvenir shops from Times Square to the World Trade Center, shelves full of T-shirts and trinkets still love New York, as the slogan goes. But the proprietors wonder when their customers will, again. SENT Monday, photos.


Virus Outbreak-Rural Schools: The village of Cuba, New Mexico, with a far-flung population of 800 people on the doorstep of Navajo Nation, has kept the buses running as a way to bring school to students. On their routes, the buses carry school assignments, meals, and social counselors who check in with students who are struggling with online bullying, abuse, thoughts of suicide and other challenges. UPCOMING Monday.


Cold-Weather Vegetables: No need to throw in the towel yet, vegetable gardeners. Hardy veggies like lettuce, endive, and arugula can be harvested well into autumn even in northern gardens with some protection. By Lee Reich. UPCOMING Tuesday, 640 words, photo.


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