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Three confirmed cases in Adams County, all in Othello

by Emry Dinman Staff Writer
| March 26, 2020 3:57 PM

ADAMS COUNTY - There are now three confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Adams County, with two new cases reported Thursday.

All three patients reside in the Othello area and are between the ages of 50 and 70, according to the Adams County Health Department.

The report of new cases follows close on the heels of the first case, reported March 21, although the new cases are not believed to be linked to this first instance, according to the health department.

Surveillance of the virus’ spread has been hampered by insufficient testing supplies and slow turnaround times for results, Public Information Officer Karen Potts said in an interview. Due to testing shortages, local agencies have been cautious in distributing tests, concerned that supplies might not be available further down the line, Potts said, and in early days of the outbreak tests could take as long as 10 days before returning with results.

“We would be much happier if we were testing more than we are, but supplies being what they are hospitals and clinics are not testing any more than they think is absolutely necessary,” Potts said.

As of Thursday, 46 tests have been submitted, Potts added, of which 16 are still pending results.