Saturday, September 26, 2020

Letter: Impeachment

| January 30, 2020 12:13 AM

The Democrats of the House of Representatives are seeking to impeach President Trump. They must prove that he committed a high crime or misdemeanor. The phrase seems contradictory, but clearly the crime must be of a serious nature. According to their opening arguments, Trump used the power of his presidency to insist that the government of Ukraine conduct an investigation to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. The first problem for the Democrats: even if the alleged facts are proven, such conduct is not a high crime or shouldn’t be.

More importantly, Adam Schiff repeatedly asserted that President Trump was not seeking to discover corruption, that his sole purpose was to get something on Joe Biden. Surely Schiff understood that making such an argument means there is no case at all if President Trump was also concerned about corruption.

The case is so weak on the facts and nature of the case that there has to be another reason for pushing the case to the Senate. Even the liberal media has told us that Hunter Biden earned millions of dollars working for Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine which received American financial assistance. Is Schiff simply trying to cover up what happened in the last administration? It is puzzling that the Democrats are not interested in what Hunter Biden was doing in Ukraine. Joe Biden is not their candidate for president; they haven’t selected a candidate. What is wrong with a thorough investigation? Often investigations do not discover anything. What went on in Ukraine will be revealed. Even without the help of the Ukraine government, the truth will eventually be discovered.

Ken Jorgensen

Moses Lake