Thursday, February 25, 2021

Rev. Klockers: Genesis tells us that even God needed a break from work

| December 23, 2020 1:00 AM

Genesis 2:2-4, in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, says:

“And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.”

The first creation story of Genesis (1:1-2:3) is imbued with central beliefs. Among them is God is the author of all creation, there was order to it, and it was “good.”

Then there are the above verses. They add an important element: God “hallowed” a period of time at the end of the process. It was used for rest.

One understanding of hallowed (or “holy”) is something separated for special designation. This was a “Sabbath Day.” On our calendars, it is the seventh and last day of the week or Saturday.

We were “created in the image of God.” One understanding of this is we are to continue the creative process. This also should require a period of rest – a designated time to recharge batteries.

For Jewish folks, Seventh-day Adventists and some other religious groups, Saturday is set for their day of rest. For many Christians the day became Sunday; it is a continual celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

As a pastor, I work on Sunday. Currently, my day of Sabbath rest is on Thursdays. Unless there is an emergency, or other immediate need, that day is usually set aside for rest.

I would imagine, for some people, their Sabbath may not be for a single 24-hour period. In fact, finding any time off may be a great challenge.

I’ve known some dairy farmers who had this issue. They owned a family business and they couldn’t afford to hire laborers. They never made it to church. On a monthly basis, I gave them home Communion.

Right now, with my wife recovering from surgery, I’m doing all of the cooking. It has reminded me that I need to step up and learn some basic dishes to give her a break now and then. Everyone needs a break to recharge their batteries.

Even God took a break. Seems to me that’s a good enough excuse.

Walter is pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Moses Lake and has served as parish pastor for more than 30 years.