Saturday, April 17, 2021

Inslee makes decisions without risk to himself

| December 17, 2020 1:00 AM

An open letter to Governor Jay Inslee:

The office you hold, Mr. Inslee, is one I have always respected even though I may have disagreed with some of the decisions made by the seated governor. You are making life-defining decisions for others without having any of your own skin in the game. I am not here to argue the politics, legality, science, or benefits of your decisions. Nor is this letter intended to be political in any manner, as politics has no place in this COVID dilemma. You are making decisions which are ultimately devastating to many without one cent of personal risk to you. These small-business owners you are decimating have tirelessly risked everything they have in their businesses. Survival for most, in the best of times, is difficult at best.

There is no sensical reasoning as to who you have allowed to operate their business. Home builders were shut down, however, construction crews working on state projects were allowed to continue. Big box stores remained open, and small businesses were closed. Please make sense of this for me Mr. Inslee. Have you once asked or even suggested the tribal casinos across the state close, or do they pay too much into your campaign fund?

I challenge you Mr. Inslee to put your skin in this deadly game of “orders and mandates.” As long as there are any COVID restrictions on businesses I dare you to not collect or receive your salary. Let us see how long the shutdowns, orders and mandates continue once you have your salary on the line. Maybe then, for once in your life, you will have personal financial risk in the decisions you make.

I look forward to hearing from you Mr. Inslee. I am easy to find here in Moses Lake.

Dave Canfield

Moses Lake