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Hunters can apply for special permit until May 18

Staff Writer | April 20, 2020 11:28 PM

OLYMPIA — Hunters can submit an application for a special permit between April 20 and May 18 for deer, elk, mountain goat, moose, bighorn sheep, and fall turkey 2020 seasons in Washington.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, or WDFW, will randomly draw applicants in June. Those that receive the special permit will be allowed to hunt beyond the times and places authorized by a general hunting license.

WDFW will post the results of the special hunt permit drawing online by the end of June at; winners will be notified by mail or email by mid-July.

Hunters must buy an application and hunting license, and submit the application with their preferred hunt choices for deer and elk. Those applying for special permits related to mountain goat, moose and bighorn sheep do not need to buy a license before submission.

Instructions on the application process can be found on pages 16 and 17 of Washington’s 2020 Big Game Hunting Seasons and Regulations pamphlet; the pamphlet can be found online at

“The online pamphlet looks different this year,” said Anis Aoude, WDFW game division manager, in a press release. “We’re using a new platform that is easier to use and doesn’t require you to download a PDF of the whole pamphlet. Being able find all the special hunt options in the improved digital format may be especially helpful during this time of continued social distancing.”

Hunters can buy applications and licenses from vendors statewide or on WDFW’s website at Hunters will be refunded or have their points restored if any big game hunting seasons are canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the release stated.

Most special hunt permit applications cost $7.10 for residents, $110.50 for non-residents and $3.80 for those under 16 years old; resident applications for mountain goats, bighorn sheep ram, moose, and “quality” categories for deer and elk cost $13.70.