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| June 2, 2017 1:00 AM

The weather this past week has improved the fishing for several species. The crappie and trout fishing have been impressive in both size and numbers of fish. The water level on the Reservoir is still very high, but dropping. As of 9:15 p.m. May 31, the water level was at 1043.79. The canal is full and running hard.

Crappie have moved in under the MarDon Dock and we have had great catch reports from Lind Coulee as well as the sand dunes. MarDon Resort dock fishing is available for registered guests only. Day passes are no longer offered. The top bait off the dock has been the Trout Magnet in Brown, Green-Red Flake, and White with a 1/64-ounce gold jig head. The Rattling Rapala – RNR 04 has been producing big stringers of crappie in the dunes and up Lind Coulee. This is a great search bait that covers all depths.

Trout fishing has exploded this week on the Reservoir. Troll the Berkley Flicker Shad in size 7 and 9 – no added weight or leaded line. Successful patterns – Perch, Chrome Clown and Shad. Troll between the MarDon Dock and the State Park – as well as the face of the dunes – from Frenchman’s to the Big Dune on the outside. With the high water the trout have moved in relatively shallow. Trolling speeds are quick at 2-3 mph. Expect fish in the two- to six-pound range. Set your drag loose to avoid a break-off.

The walleye are eating – but you have to get to them. They are holding in, on, and around the brush back in the dunes. Look for 8-12 feet of water with the weeds and willows topping off at five feet below the surface. It makes it tough for trolling with the high water, so either use your bow mount and watch the contour or cast into the weeds/willows. The crank-bait bite is picking up – crawler and a small Smile Blade fished over the weeds and willows is doing well.

The bass have pretty much finished up their spawn. Look for post-spawn fish on the steeper dropping dunes and on the points, off the same dunes – work the points out. Spinnerbaits, Senkos and jigs have been producing Largemouth bass back in the dunes. Crankbaits, tubes, and Senkos have been doing well on the Smallmouth bass along the face of the dam and up Lind Coulee.

Still waiting on the perch to show up. No reports yet.

Upcoming Events:

June 3-4 - Russ Baker - Limit Out Marine hosts the Big Bass Trail Tournament on the Potholes Reservoir.

June 10-11 – Fish for Free this weekend! A special event sponsored by the WDFW. No fishing license is required statewide. State and local regulations must be followed regarding catch limits and equipment.

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