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Fresh News from MarDon

| July 8, 2016 1:00 PM

With the water level of the Potholes Reservoir dropping rapidly, the Sand Dunes are much more recognizable and a minimal current flow can be seen. Moving water makes fish congregate, which enhances fish action.

The MarDon dock has begun to be better catching smallmouth bass, trout, catfish, bluegill and some quality crappie.

The Lind Coulee arm of Potholes Reservoir produced some nice channel catfish this past week and walleye to 25 inches.

Largemouth bass action in the sand dunes continues to improve as the water level lowers. This Saturday is the one-day championship for the Washington State Big Bass circuit. At press time we did not have an awards time for Saturday afternoon. Please call 509-346-2651 for more info.

Some of the most treacherous boating on Potholes Reservoir is the area between Goose Island and O’Sullivan Dam. Walleye anglers are catching walleye to 28 inches in the rocks and smallmouth to 21 inches have been reported by bass fishers dancing around the “Rock Piles.” We recommend trolling motor use in this area. Your lower unit will thank you!

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