God created the potato and it was good

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Rev. Walter Klockers

Have you had the opportunity to visit the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center recently? Their current theme is “Reheated: Baked, Mashed, or Fried; a Potato Art Show.” There is a variety of items at the MAC representing the potato art genre: photography, mixed media, and 3D art, to name a few. A lot of wonderful creativity has gone into this.

If you had the opportunity to attend the opening night of the show, the artists and art enthusiasts, as well as experts on the potato were all present. Jeanne and I did attend. (If I am not mistaken, the show should run for about three months. So it is not too late to see this display.)

Not only did we view and appreciate the work of local artists, but we also learned a wealth of facts about the potato. I had no earthly idea that something so simple as a potato would have so many aspects to it.

Did you know that the potato is an excellent source of vitamin C and B6? It also contains iron and potassium.

Did you know that sailors once used the potato to prevent scurvy?

Did you know that the potato is a starchy vegetable that is akin to rice, pasta and bread when it comes to nutrition?

Did you know that China is the world’s greatest producer of potatoes?

Well, I now know these things.

I must say, there is a lot more to the potato than what meets the eye.

The first chapter of Genesis talks about God being the author of all of creation. It also describes God’s creation as being good.

What it does not say is the complex nature of creation. We take this all too much for granted. I wish all of us had the opportunity to learn about how ecosystems work, about the science and wonders of the stars and nature of the universe, and even how something as simple as a potato can be an exhaustive study.

God’s creation is good, and in it are more wonders that we can even imagine.

Walter is pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church and has served as parish pastor for more than 25 years.

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