I believe in America over dictatorship

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I am puzzled that some Americans are willing to throw away their freedoms for a dictatorship.

I, however, believe in America. In democracy – American democracy to be exact.

I believe in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and all its amendments, the rule of law.

I believe in the Golden Rule, kindness, hope, faith, charity, tolerance, diversity, goodness, civility, compassion, love, acceptance, truth, God.

I believe in family and friends, colleagues and acquaintances, strangers and passersby.

I believe in humanity, in “We the People.”

I believe in science, facts, stewardship of the earth, connectedness of all living creatures, great and small.

I believe in the social contract that binds us all, having each other’s back, staying true to the American Dream.

I believe in conscientious objection, paying it forward, believing in ourselves as a people and as a nation.

I believe in those who serve this nation, for they make it possible to keep the freedoms we have.

In a dictatorship, the dictator determines whom, what, where, when, how and why you believe. There is no choice but the dictator’s. There is no thought except the dictator’s. There is no freedom except the dictator’s. Only the dictator matters.

In America, choice belongs to the people, thought belongs to each individual, freedom belongs to all. All matter.

I, for one, believe in America.

Duane Pitts

Moses Lake

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