Elk season is big news of the week

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The general elk season started last Saturday and will continue through Sunday. Driving Colockum Pass during the hunt is an interesting drive. Go to Kittitas and head toward Wenatchee or go to Wenatchee and head toward Kittitas.

You will encounter many, some was say hundreds, of elk camps. These camps might be a few tents or trailers, but some have hard-sided structures.

This will be a first experience for some hunters, but some of those in the camps will be able to say they have hunted the same spot for decades. Grab a buddy, take a lunch and make a day of it.

Of course, this coming Sunday is not the end of elk hunting for the year. There are several more seasons, some into next year.

Hello Fish and Wildlife

OK, so on Page 8 of the Migratory Waterfowl pamphlet, it is noted the limit on Canada geese is four a day, white-fronted geese is 10 a day, and six white geese. So, on Page 39 there are photos of Canada geese, white-fronted geese, but not a white goose. Snow geese are shown, is this considered a white goose?

Just called Fish and Wildlife in Ephrata and this is the case.

Proposed regulations a source of concern

Fish and Wildlife is seeking public comment on proposed simplified fishing regulations of freshwater species. Public comments will be accepted through Nov. 30.

There are a bunch of proposals, too many to include here, but here are a few examples: Chumming: Eliminate the prohibition of chumming and allow it statewide.

Eastern brook trout: Standardize fishing regulations for eastern brook trout statewide by requiring no daily limit and no minimum size.

Eliminate pan fish special limits: Remove daily limits for pan fish species, such as bluegill and pumpkinseed, on specific waters.

When fishing for trout with bait: Eliminate provision that states all trout caught are counted as part of the daily limit whether kept or released.

Public testimony: The public will also have the opportunity to provide testimony on the proposals during the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commissionís meeting Dec. 8 and 9 in Olympia.

Your comment: Go to the Fish and Wildlife website and click on fishing. Then click on comment on policy proposals. There you will be allowed to comment on each proposal.

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