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Dennis Clay

This is the last of a two-part series about giving back to the Great Outdoors.

Teaching others

Teaching outdoor skills to people who have yet to acquire such skills is an important duty. Experienced outdoor-minded people should consider this an obligation or responsibility.

We all know our youth need to trained, but don’t forget the adults. There are people from 20 to 60 years old and older who have never picked up a fishing rod. Include them in your teachings.


There are youth in our communities with parents who have never fished.

These parents call me from time-to-time saying, “My parents never taught me how to fish, but my 10-year-old wants to go fishing.”

Sometimes the fishing clubs will give lessons during the spring. If not, why not? Other times it is up to an uncle or other relative to not only teach the youngsters, but also the parents.

Remember this is a lifetime sport and should be passed down from generation to generation.

Hunting and shooting sports

Hunting and shooting are a bit tougher to teach than fishing, just because of the equipment involved. The Ephrata Sportsmen’s Association operates the Boyd Mordhorst Shooting Range near Ephrata. This is a super range and is well maintained.

They have shooting bays from 7 yards out to 450 meters, which is 492 yards. Hunters who have the opportunity to shoot at long ranges should spend time at this bay.

The membership is $80 per year. The 2018 keys will no longer work, as the locks have been changed. The keys are available at Olde World Trading in Moses Lake, Ephrata (754-3230) and also at Desert Fly Angler, in Ephrata.

Remember there are adults who have never fished or fired a firearm. They may be a bit shy about admitting such a lack of knowledge, but if they show an inclination, teach them or direct them to the nearest organization where they can learn.


People do get lost in the Columbia Basin around Moses Lake, but being lost in the Basin usually doesn’t last long. The mountainous in Washington, however, offer a formidable foe.

A person could be lost for days or weeks. People who venture into these mountains should be prepared in case they become disoriented while hunting, fishing or camping. A column or two will be devoted to survival skills.

Let me know

Feel free to contact me about your outdoor concerns. Reach Dennis at: e-mail: or call 509-762-5158.

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