Christmas gift ideas for outdoor-minded people

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Dennis Clay

Four shopping days until Christmas. What to buy the outdoor-minded people in your life?

Yes, it is late to begin thinking about gifts, but we will go through a few ideas.


What firearm is good for a hunter. My first firearm was an over and under, .410 on the bottom and .22 on top. This is still in my gun safe and is used at least once a year. It has downed many pheasants, quail and even one turkey.

A better shotgun for a young hunter would be a 20 gauge.

Younger and smaller hunters might consider a .243 rifle in the beginning, because of the light recoil. This is adequate for deer, but the hunter will need to move up to a larger caliber when hunting elk and larger big game.

A new hunter will need firearm cleaning supplies, in addition to the firearm.

The hunter who has everything

First, no sportsman has everything. Take a knife: My preference for any gift-giving event is to receive a Buck Knife.

My family tries to comply, but worries, “What if you already have the knife we give you.” It doesn’t matter, as the knife will be used and treasured just the same as the others.

A knife is an excellent gift for graduation, birthdays, Christmas and any other occasion where a gift will be presented. What has happened to me and will to the people you present a knife is they will eventually have a Buck Knife collection.

While it may be too late to have the knife engraved or etched before Christmas, doing so after the holiday will make the knife even more special, such as “Joe, Christmas 2018” or “Sally, HS Graduation, 2019.”

We are lucky to be so close to the Buck Knife factory, Post Falls, Idaho. If giving a buck, why not arrange for a factory tour? The tours are offered free of charge, Monday through Thursday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Reservations are required, so call ahead to reserve your spot at 800-326-2825 x172.

Knives aren’t the only gifts for those who have everything. If the person doesn’t have a rangefinder, get them one. How about an improved backpack, a new hiking book or a ground blind?

Also, a meat grinder for processing the game meat, a meat slicer, a digital pressure cooker or a FoodSaver vacuum sealer? These items will find their way into everyday life and not just for game processing.

Last minute gifts

The last-minute gift scene and stocking stuffers include fishing lures, a box or two of rifle or shotgun shells and bullets for the reloader. Also, bird-identification books, a binocular and outdoor clothing

Merry Christmas

Wishing my readers the best Christmas ever.

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