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Dennis Clay

This is the last of a multipart series about the 2018 deer camp.

Thomas returned to the area Saturday morning. We hunted our area and spotted around 15 does and three 2-points and a spike. We also drove to regions outside our area with no deer sighted.

We donít always drive while hunting, but hike the area as well. We also drive to other areas and get out of the vehicle to hunt. However, if we spot a legal buck while driving, we stop and drop it, as most hunters will do to fill their tag.

Rudy and I butchered our deer on Sunday.

Items providing comfort at The Hut

We use a Coleman Guide Series, three-burner, camp stove for cooking our meals. A Coleman, two-mantel propane lantern provide early-morning light and some heat.

A Honda 2000 generator has been our main source of electrical power for years. It is relatively quiet and a tank of gas keeps it running for hours. The plan is to purchase the companion generator to give us even more power. All of these items are taken home between hunting seasons.

Rudy is our main cook, which suits me just fine. His dishes are superb, all of them. This year he brought up already-made white bean chili for our first night, so we wouldnít need to cook. Here is the recipe:

Rudyís white bean chili

Two cans of white beans, drained, One can chicken broth, One can green chilis, Chunks of wild turkey, cooked, Crusty bread of your choice. Simply combine all for a hearty meal. My plan is to make a large pot of this dish and freezing it in meal size portions.

He also provided a meal of shrimp. Hereís the recipe:

Rudyís tequila lime shrimp

Two pounds large shrimp, Two ounces of tequila, Juice of one lime, Zest of lime, Choice of seasonings.

Rudy marinated the shrimp in the package they were in, adding all of the ingredients and letting them stand for a short time, perhaps 15 to 30 minutes. Then they were cooked in a skillet. Iím going to make this dish for Garnet in the next few days.

He was prepared to provide a meal or two of walleye tacos, but we didnít have enough evening meals to cook the walleye.


Breakfast is prepared after the morning hunt. Breakfast usually includes hash brown potatoes, eggs to order, some type of meat, such as bacon or sausage and anything else the cook throws into the skillets.

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